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Palác Dlažděná - virtuální prohlídka

Palác Dlážděná


Can you remember what important event happened in the year 1348? Did you say Charles University was founded? Excellent. But did you also know that Dlážděná Street was founded at the same time? It is located in Prague’s historical Nové Město, or New Town, which is on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Come and take a look and the historical legacy will breathe on you every step of the way as you slowly stroll to your new home.

The palace on Dlážděná Street comes from the end of the 19th century and was built according to plans from the architect Václav Sigmund, who is also behind, for example, the famous Na Kocandě building in Prague’s Old Town. The buildings that architect Sigmund designed bore elements of the Neorenaissance style, and this building is no different. The originally four-storey block of flats has undergone reconstruction many times, the most extensive of which taking place in the 1920s. The architects Lampl and Fuchs designed an additional floor and an elevator was built in the building back in 1923. Unfortunately, the reconstruction in the 1950s brought about an insensitive transformation into offices. The future extensive reconstruction implemented by PSN will return the building to its residential use and Palác Dlážděná will come alive with the stories of its new inhabitants.


The extraordinarily expansive nine-axial street-front facade is symmetrically composed with an axially-situated entrance and shallow side bays. The stylistically pure, high quality architectural form has a rich decorations inspired by Neorenaissance elements. These include semi-columns in the shape of caryatids, profiled cornices, pediments, ornamental friezes and garlands. The ground level opens to Dlážděná Street with glazed arcades; the access to the courtyard is decorated with an Ionian order of pilasters. The building, inspired by palace buildings, documents a quality architectural manifestation and represents the architecture of a stylistically refined Neorenaissance block of flats.

The future

In cooperation with architect Jakub Cigler’s architectural studio, PSN has prepared a project for the complete reconstruction and revitalisation of the building. The sensitive restoration of the Neorenaissance architecture will be complemented by an elegant mansard roof with a modern detail of large windows. The street-front façade will be cleaned of unsuitable alterations and completely renovated, new casement windows will be installed and modern display cases for the retail units will be implemented. The architects designed the courtyard facade in a more daring and modern style and modern style. The used modern French windows, spacious balconies and scenic terraces, a garden for relaxation and a partially underground garage. Entrance to the building offers comfort and safety thanks to the new reception. The common spaces will be finely decorated with regard to the craftsmanship of our ancestor’s stucco work. The private wellness centre, which you can easily access using the modern elevator, will be equipped with a sauna and training area, allowing you to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

The carefully designed layouts of the flats respect historic values, while allowing comfortable modern amenities. It was the wish of PSN and its architect, Jakub Žoha, to combine workmanship with modern detail. This will include, for example, the renovation of the historical lining of the casement windows. The interior and entrance panel doors will be replicas of the originals with security features. Some of the selected historical items will even be carefully renovated and kept in the building. The open layout is joined by natural parquet floors. In the bathrooms you can choose from a variety of tiling from the Villeroy & Boch and Graniti Fiandre ceramics producers. The fittings were selected from Laufen and Laufen by Kartel, Hansgrohe, PMH and Villeroy & Boch. Even the smallest units feature storage space and small details like niches in the showers for cosmetics.

The building’s technical facilities are 21st century state-of-the-art. You can look forward to garage parking for cars, a modern elevator to all the floors and the ventilation of all the units with fresh air and the use of heat recovery. The building’s energy balance will be improved by the insulation of the courtyard façade and the use of a combination of triple-glazed and double-glazed windows throughout the entire building. Selected units will have air conditioning.

Let the elegance of the design from the pen of the studio Jakub Cigler Architekti enchant you and accept our invitation for a Nespresso coffee in the completed show flat.

Palác Dlažděná
Palác Dlažděná
Palác Dlažděná - logo

Some words from the architect, Jakub Cigler

Palác Dlažděná - architekt
Palác Dlažděná Palác Dlažděná - logo

Jakub Cigler Architekti

Jakub Cigler Architekti (JCA) is an architectural studio that began its activities back in November of the year 2001. From the very beginning JCA ranked among the leading Czech ateliers involved in progressive architecture. The projects and constructions by Jakub Cigler and his team have succeeded in several architectural competitions and are regularly featured in trade publications. It has received several awards for its creations, both at home and abroad: i.e. The Dušan Jurkovič Award presented by the Slovak Architects Society, and it has repeatedly received recognition in the International Design Awards and the Best Office Development Award. In the context of historical Prague, the company received an award from the Club for Old Prague.

• Doc. Ing. Arch. Jakub Cigler
• Ing. Vladimír Vacek
• Ing. Arch. Michal Nácovský

JCA has a wide range of expertise. It designs diverse types of architecture, from interiors, and residential and office buildings to shopping or hotel centres and public facilities. It designs new buildings and reconstructions. As part of every project it also deals with the urbanistic design and the landscaping of the public space in the given locality. JCA’s architecture is based on well-arranged forms, on a continuing dialogue between the interior and exterior space and on a striking transparency bringing natural light into the interior.

• Ing. Arch. Petr Šusta
• Ing. Martin Šponar
• Mgr. A. Ondřej Hrozinka

JCA is intensively involved in the overall development of the project design from the volumetric study and the individual phases, including the building permit process, to the construction itself. Because of this it has constant control of its vision and achieves, in cooperation with the investor, a convincing result. Thanks to its professionalism and technological qualities, Jakub Cigler Architekti can offer services to local and international clients.

• Mgr. A. Alžběta Linhartová
• Ing. Arch. Pavel Vild
• Ing. Arch. Adéla Vodrážková


The location of Palác Dlážděná in the historical centre of Prague perfectly fulfils the demands for an active lifestyle in the city. Dlážděná Street connects directly to Hybernská Street, which leads to the Powder Tower and the Municipal House and the high street, Na Příkopě. The centre of Prague offers an endless amount of entertainment. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums and shops are all within easy reach of Dlážděná. In just a few minutes you can get to Náměstí Republiky, Wenceslaus Square or the Main Train Station, some of the focal points of Prague’s mass transit. If you would like to relax outside of the city, there is nothing easier than travelling by train from, for example, Masaryk Station, which you will find right around the corner. You can also get to the Main Train Station in five minutes, which will primarily be appreciated by those who enjoy trips to the countryside. Pave the way to your new home in a flat in Dlážděná.


purchasing and financing

Verbal reservation

Verbal reservation

After deciding to purchase a flat, we will reserve the flat selected by the client for 48 hours.

Reservation agreement

Reservation agreement

Podepisuje se rovnou Smlouva o smlouvě budoucí - viz další krok

Preliminary purchase contract

Preliminary purchase contract

Smlouva o smlouvě budoucí bude mít platnost do 30.6.2019. Do 3 pracovních dnů po podpisu této smlouvy zaplatí strana kupující zálohu ve výši 100.000,- Kč a do jednoho měsíce doplatí částku do výše 10% kupní ceny. S vyřízením hypotečního úvěru Vám rádi pomůžeme.

Purchase contract

Purchase contract

Before the preliminary purchase contract expires, the purchasing party concludes a purchase contract with the selling party. After signing the purchase contract the purchasing party is obliged to pay the remainder of the purchase price to the selling party.

Handover of flat

Handover of flat

The handover can be expected in Christmas 2019 depending on how quickly the purchase price is fully paid to PSN.

Information for foreign clients:

The restriction on the purchase of flats for clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer in force. Foreign clients can now also buy a flat as a private individual.


The successful long-term cooperation when financing the sale of flats from PSN and Hypoteční banky a.s. makes it possible to provide you with a unique offer for financing the purchase of a flat in Palác Dlážděná.

A guaranteed alternative offer for the sale of flats in Palác Dlážděná is provided by PSN and Hypoteční banky a.s.:

Our loan specialist will provide you with more information:

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Palác Dlažděná - logo


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